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spirit airlines to indy?

With fares rising in indy will spirit airlines come to the rescue

Contrary to popular belief, flying Spirit does not mean that you get the lowest cost for your trip. Sure your fare may be $29 but then you have to add in luggage fees, carry-on fees, ticketing fees, and dozens of other fees. Oh, and make sure you don’t have beans before you fly because there’s a fart fee also.

Perhaps, though unlikely, the OP is referring to a “Spirit Effect?” Is there a “Spirit Effect” on airfares or does it only affect level of service and the level the passenger is nickeled and dimed to death…

If you experience the “spirit effect” you get charged the fart fee.

Whether you like Spirit or not, they have been very successful.

I think it is very likely they will come to IND within the next year or two.

Please don’t encourage Spirit to fly here. We don’t need a company that believes a low fare is enough reason to treat their passengers like freight. Bring in a quality airline … JetBlue would be fine, as would Virgin America.

Good luck, I’d put the chances of JetBlue coming to IND at about 25% and Virgin America at about 2%

ya jetblue would be great but i just don’t see it

I was referring to the “spirit effect”

Very true. Southwest might notice this as well as Frontier and JetBlue. Four very efficient, yet low cost airlines. Indianapolis is surprisingly not a popular destination, so the prices might bump up a little. You never know. Happy flying! :slight_smile: