Spikes in the Hourly Collection Graph

I use a neighbor site to measure how my site is performing. In the last week I noticed my site seemed to be under or over performing more than normal on few days. I took a look at my neighboring site’s hourly collection graph and noticed some large spikes for adsb positions. Now, I do not know anything about the site. So, I cannot speak to any changes to their system that may be causing this. So, I figured that the site above was testing or experiencing issues.

However, today and Yesterday, I noticed some similar spikes on my hourly graphs. I have been feeding for quite a while now and have never seen spikes like this. I also noticed that by positions for 250+ seem high. They normally average between 100 to 200 hundred. Right now they are showing 1,600. The last change to my setup was the addition of an LNA 3 weeks ago and then added an FA filter in between the antenna and LNA 2 weeks ago. The LNA and Filter are located at the base of the antenna.
flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/ … stats-6232

I did some spot checking of some of the other neighboring sites listed on my stats page, but I did not notice any similar spikes. Any have any clues what may be causing or caused this?



… same here: http://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/TomMuc

It is a bug in stats collection during busy periods.

Does this bug produce wrong numbers (artificially high) or correct numbers that are being calculated on a delayed basis?

The bug is that during busy periods, aircraft reports can be put into an hourly/daily bucket that is later (sometimes, a lot later) than the actual receive time.

cold fusion will be a common technique in every household before flightaware gets their ‘stats-thing’ done …

I’m just grateful that people like TomMuc have made it easy to track our own stats so we can make our own determination on if changes work or “our” stats are off… :slight_smile:




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This should be mitigated as of the 5th. (The underlying bug is still there for now, but the processing delays are fixed so it doesn’t trigger)