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Specialty colored aircraft that are now gone?

Does anyone have a list of any specialty colored/decaled aircraft that are now gone? would much appreciate this. :smiley:

Braniff International Calder color schemes on DC-8-62 and B727-291
Qantas B747-438 Wunala Dreaming

Southwest’s N629SW “Silver One” to signify 25 years in the air, dedicated 1996.

It used to be polished metal like AA, then it went to a silver paint, now it looks like all the rest.

flickriver.com/groups/swa-silver … teresting/

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://e0.photos.flightcdn.com/photos/retriever/ffab9223618d9ad4a3e9ae3b91e632597818605e

SWAs Slam Dunk One

Deltas pink 757

This one just got painted back to standard FL livery,
it will one day wear DL colors when the 717s start the move to DL this August.

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://e1.photos.flightcdn.com/photos/retriever/31735b182ff9161bc8e62ec442bf13b4ccfbdb89

The Colts plane just got repainted back to standard livery too.
Guess Southwest is dropping the NFL sponsorship so all NFL planes will have to go.

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.comhttp://e0.photos.flightcdn.com/photos/retriever/2b2320198f961d465cb98a443238377794e80323

Qantas Nalanji Dreaming 747-300 VH-EBU and of course Qantas Wunula Dreaming VH-OEJ.