Space Shuttle Launch As Seen From Air Canada Flight


LiveLeak Video passenger captures shuttle launch from an Air Canada Flight.


Ah, but did he get a TCAS alert ?



I’d be surprised if Air Canada didn’t charge a surcharge for the privilege. :wink:


You think they would give the space shuttle more space then that?


Nice video!


That is so cool! Narration from the Canadian stoner makes the video. 8)


I wish I was on board that flight. If Air Canada wanted a little extra money, they should’ve charged the recorder with a thirty dollar recording fee. they would have put a surcharge fee on the recorder, but didnt want to be in the heat when the guy files a lawsuit against them.


That has to be a good 50-100 miles away. I’d say that’s enough clearance. The FAA typically restricts all aircraft within 30-40 miles, and this aircraft is definitely farther away than that.


Look how fast its going. Holy shit, that is so cool.


NASA has a new color commentator :wink: :laughing:


New this fall! Nasa Space Launches, now on MTV2!


Yeah! He’s all mellow… Hippie on weed type thing.


I’m pretty sure there was a skate board below decks. :laughing:


LOL My Canadian friends would call him a ‘mellow fellow’. :laughing:


I think the Space Shuttle gets all the space it wants :laughing:

Neat vid.


Saw the whole thing, dude. First you were all like “whoa”, and we were like “whoa”, and you were like “whoa…”


Sorry to ruin the fun but that looks like a Delta or Atlas rocket.


…and the reason is…?


Sometimes… you just have to use MANUAL FOCUS and set it to infinity.

Does anyone else still use manual focus when necessary?


The lack of smoke at the bottom, the lack of light while after one minute, and the angle of launch tell me that this isn’t the same. All Shuttle launches since 2005 have had the same inclination (STS-125 will be the first different inclination of launch since STS-107 in 2003). The Shuttle travels faster heading downrange than in altitude. It just doesn’t seem real. I would be interested in an actual date of the video to confirm my beliefs.