Southwest's family policy change


With the new announcement that Southwest will NOT “Preboard” family ahead of the “A” group (pre 10/02/07) “A1” (post Nov '07). You would have thought that the family weren’t give any preference at all. This ISN’T the case at all. If you are family that DIDN’T get an A (Pre Nov '07)
or get an A1-A60 (Post Nov’07), you will be allowed to board after the last A (Pre Nov '07) after A60 (Post Nov '07) and before the first “B” (Pre Nov '07) and before B1 (Post Nov '07) even if your family has a “C”. So…families you may not be able to preboard you are given some preference or non-family passenger. If your family did get an “A” (Pre Nov '07) if you did get an Axx (Post Nov '07) then your family boards there.

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