Southwest to San Juan, PR

Beginning proving runs today for upcoming service on SWA equipment, … /KHOU/TJSJ

Think this is the first time a WN aircraft has ever been to SJU.

Planned schedule

Day 1… DAL - HOU - SJU - MCO
Day 2… MCO - SJU - BWI
Day 3… BWI - SJU - MCO
Day 4… MCO - SJU - MCO

When do they start flights to SJU?

Other Caribbean flights by SWA:
18 Oct: MCO-SJU
17 Oct: SWA8735 BWI-SJU via a diversion to STX (St Croix)
17 Oct: SWA8736 SJU-MCO
16 Oct: SWA8737 BWI-SJU via a diversion to BQN (Aguadilla)
16 Oct: SWA8734 SJU to BWI

What is your source for the flights you mentioned being proving runs? My research shows that AirTran is increasing service to SJU. I couldn’t find any mention of SWA serving SJU on a scheduled basis. Could these have been equipment substitutions for AirTran flights? (See Southwest Insider)

Mainly this thread here, … n/5587356/

I guess the plan is existing Airtran service to continue but for SWA to add flights
from DAL/HOU and then slowly replace Airtran on the others.

another thread: … t-run.html