Southwest RJ's


How come Southwest doesn’t use RJ’s. Wouldn’t they get more business if they did?? Smaller airports would be able to bring the carrier in and compete with the others and thus lowering prices.


Seating capacity would be my guess. Their average flight would come just short of filling 2 RJs.

Also, I think they have an exclusive with Boeing. Not 100% sure. It has been many, many moons since I read it.


Do you think that they will ever fly RJ’s??


Unless they start service smaller markets (which is NOT their modus operandi) that provide a demand for the RJs, I don’t see it happening. Besides, IF they do have an exclusive with Boeing, like I, for some strange reason, think they do, that would break that agreement, which, in the typical case of exlusivity deals, comes with a HUGE fee if the deal is broken.


Oh that sucks because I would like to see a Southwest RJ. I think it would look good.


They’ve also said that they only fly 737’s as it keeps maintenance costs down (only need mechanics and parts for one line of aircraft). Plus all your pilots can fly any given route.


Southwest is sticking to their business plan of using one type of aircraft. They MAY (repeat, MAY) get another version of the 737 (the 600) and they have done internal reports on other aircraft but I do not see them going the RJ route.

JetBlue, as you know, did go the RJ route. I see this as a mistake. With the fuel costs, heavy maintenance coming due, and an additional aircraft type, I can see tough times for JetBlue coming up.


Seriously, you dont have to quote the whole prior message every time.
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cfijames I don’t think that I have seen a more beautiful RJ then that. Maybe the Independence Air RJ’s.


I think I am going to be sick!


Are you kidding me!! Then whats the most beautiful RJ that you have seen??


Didn’t belong to an airline, I’ll tell you that much…


Dami’s neighbors in S.F. might like this one.


I know that but if it was real I bet so many people would be trying to get pictures of it just like the JetBlue RJ’s. So whats the most beautiful RJ that you have seen?


Belongs to a BILLIONaire in Louisiana. I don’t remember the freakin N-number. I don’t make it a habit of writing down EVERY N-number of every aircraft I think it cool down.


Hey I don’t right down ANY N-numbers what ever aircraft I like I find the pictures on


I have yet to find it.


Oh I’ll see if I can find it.


Regarding Southwest and RJs (I think that’s the original topic): Don’t hold your breath. As already noted, WN doesn’t serve small markets that aren’t within an hour’s drive of a large city, and they cherish the fleet commonality that they have. They currently have no (public) plans to begin int’l. service, their entire fleet ranges from relatively young to brand new,and the 73Gs they fly are more than capable of flying coast-to-coast, so there’s no rush to mix up the fleet at all. One other factor: They make money, and that’s saying something nowadays. It ain’t broke, so don’t look for them to fix it anytime soon.

…Of course, judging by the poll in a previous discussion, the unassigned seating policy wasn’t broke either…Hmmm…Never mind, they’ll take delivery of their first RJ next week. :stuck_out_tongue: