Southwest DCA Service Possiblity


Southwest has applied to the FAA for a DCA-MCI route on 10/4/10. GO to page 202 of this site: … -2000-7182


lots of other airlines have applied for those slots - also Southwest will be acquiring a number of slots via their acquisition of Airtran.


I understand that.
AirTran has also applied for the 2 slots. They want to serve MCI, also.

US Airways is applying for the slots. They want to launch the “first ever nonstop service” between PNS and DCA.

Sun Country is applying to use the slots to LNS.

Republic, naturally, wants to keep the slots and use them for service to MCI.


Lansing is LAN, not LNS. LNS is Lancaster, PA.


I stand corrected - thank you. (no sarcasm intended)