Southwest Airlines new logo?



I think they need to fire their marketing team if that’s all they can come up with… lololol


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The site referred to is … ews/page/3

Southwest isn’t changing their logo. What you are seeing is a special title.

See this for the Kidds Kids plane as an example.

(doesn’t anybody use the “preview” button to preview their postings?)


I thought it was the Southwests loves kids kidds sticker?


WN doesn’t actually have a logo, one that is applied to the aircraft like others’ brand marks (DL widget etc.). Closest is the flying heart symbol but only a couple of planes carry a small version of that on the nose.


Southwest has several logos.


None of which is displayed on the airplanes. Like I said.

If that isn’t the point of the thread, then just ignore me :neutral_face: .



Didn’t want to have to do this but there it goes:
Definition of Logo. A graphical mark used to identify a company, organization, product or brand. Logos can be displayed along side - or in lieu of - a company’s name in order to generate awareness of the company’s association with a particular product or service. The particular graphic used may be a stylized version of the company lettering (such as a wordmark) or abstract (such as a shape unrelated to the company lettering). Logos are an example of intangible assets because they hold value, but not in a physical form. Logos have become an integral part of a company’s identity, and are used heavily in the marketing of products and services. A well-recognized logo can increase a company’s goodwill, and is trademarked for intellectual property protection.

Also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition

Recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an organization. It is affixed, included, or printed on all advertising, buildings, communications, literature, products, stationery, and vehicles. Not to be confused with a brand, which identifies a product or family of products. Also called logotype..


What I meant to say was im trying to identify the sticker on the aircraft. It hasn’t been photographed before.