sound barrier

has any one on this sight ever broken the sound barrier??? if so what is it like??

I have. This one time, after eating some bad Mexican food I…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Never have myself, but from what I have heard and seen through videos, you can’t tell from inside the cabin. What I do have first hand experience, though, is hearing the sound barrier being broken from the ground, and trust me, you can tell. :wink:

You might be interested in Chuck Yeager’s autobiography.

Hearing the two sonic booms from the space shuttle was usually the signal to leave the house to make it to Edwards in time to watch it land. That was fun!!

I see Citation X’s going over Mach all the time, but that is groundspeed, and not airspeed :laughing:

I’ve flown the Concorde over the Atlantic. Pasengers are oblivous to breaking the sound barrier. There’s just a clock-like display in the cabin that shows airspeed in Mach.

Yes, I was out at Luke Airforce Base back in 2003 about a week before the war started and they had a squadron leaving for the Gulf. On the way out of departure they had 8 F-16s flying out in pairs of two. I was heading towards Tuscon and so i had left about 10 minutes prior to their departure. The aircraft flew over at about 5,000 ft, made a pass around a mountain about 5 miles out from my location and they flew over the road. It sounded like a high pitched whistle as the aircraft was coming in and about 2 seconds after the aircraft flew over the Boom came…WOW it basically left me with my mouth open, goosebumps and my eyes wide open. If i were someone on the recieving end of a US military aircraft i would not want to mess with them…