sooo whats the result of breaking a TFR for the Prez

Just curious

Listening to local radio and somebody broke the TFR here in Seattle with the prez on ground.

Wunner what happens to them? … -container

The Air Force scrambles fighters to intercept you.

Here’s a TFR bust as it happened,

I sure felt sorry for that guy especially at the moment where the controller told him he is about to get an F-16 escort and the long pause that followed. He sounded really bummed out after that.

Well I can only imagine that ugly butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach… that you dont know whether to shit yourself or puke. Sucks to be him. :frowning:

I knew a guy who was intercepted once. He unknowingly (didn’t know Bush was in town) skirted the 30 mile ring while traveling cross country. Next thing he knows, there is an F-16 just feet off his left wingtip. He flips his radio to 121.5, and they are on there contacting him. He is told to turn 90 degrees to get outside the TFR, and oh by the way, there is another F-16 a half a mile behind you with his sights set on your aircraft. Once he cleared the TFR (he was barely in it, and not heading towards the center), the fighters left, and he didn’t hear anything else about it.