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Something up at Hanscom???

Saw a tweet the FAA is reporting “a Gulfstream off the end of the runway at Hanscom.”

abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/plan … e-23945468

corporatejetinvestor.com/art … lives-546/

There is just something wrong here, outside of the obvious. Logical elimination tells us that the G-4 was in good mechanical condition, and that the crew was trained and qualified. From what I have been able to ascertain so far the aircraft never left the ground. Balanced field length criteria tells us that they could accelerate to V1, go no-go, Vr, rotate and boogie. But they never left the ground. Was it a control ‘lock up’?" We’ll all find out eventually, but this one just makes no sense whatsoever at this point.


The plane was owned by Mr. Lew Katz (RIP), and he had his own full time crew. It regularly returned to New Castle where it was kept and impeccably maintained under the supervision of his pilots.

I know the investigation will eventually tell us the real story, but there wasn’t that much fuel aboard.

The plane was being flown by James McDowell of Georgetown, Delaware. The flight attendant was 48-year-old Teresa Benhoff of Easton, Maryland, the co-pilot was 45-year-old Bauke “Mike” de Vries of Marlton, New Jersey.