Something kind of fun


I took a video of our Lear 36 landing at KHIO on 22 December. It was raining pretty good. Notice how the visibilty drops dramatically when we slow upon landing.

Video is 17.5 MB

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Totally cool Spud!!! Did you have a patient on board or were you going to pick one up?


We had just returned home from a cargo run to Tampa, FL. It wasn’t a Lifeguard flight.



Cool vid! Thanks!


Very cool! I love videos like that. BTW, I’m a former EMT myself, although I remained on the ground with an ambulance :wink:


Hey, if anyone likes to look at cool aviation videos, you can go to There are thousands of videos there of GA aircraft filmed from the cabin also airliners filmed from the flightdeck and some from the passenger views. Anyway, check it out. Steven.


For those that have high bandwidth and are interested in a GA experience from startup to a touch and go at a neighboring airport with a mid field pattern entry.

My nephew video’d my flight. The video is 18 minutes long and 200 megs. I own a Beech Sundowner.

Go to … inutevideo

The drive from JAN to MBO is 40 minutes without traffic considerations. Needless to say, it’s quicker by plane smile. As you will see, the scenery from 2000 feet beats the drive by a long shot.



Can you repost the Lear 36 landing link as it has expired.



Please repost. I would like to see it also…


I’m at work. I can re-upload it tomorrow. :slight_smile:



Ok, Its up for 7 more days.

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