Someone is voting negatives on squawks

What gives.

Do you mean the squawks themselves, or comments therein? Unless something has changed, you only get one vote. If you vote twice, it reverses your first vote. Can you post a squawk that demonstrates what you are seeing?

If you look at several recents you will see the squawks themselves are the ones receiving negatives. Several are in the deep red and I don’t see anything wrong with them

Several are

Man who ordered gluten-free breakfast on flight is given a single banana

American To Retire The Airbus A330-300 In 2018

New Russian airliner set to take on Airbus and Boeing

all in the negatives, its like someone has several accounts and is just being rude.

I can speak to the banana squawk, did not find the others (pulling up squawks seems inconsistent in that I never seem to get the same list twice) :confused:
I commented upon it, but did not think the subject particularly good and did not vote on it. I did note that the OP Bernie Behling is usually outspoken with definite opinions (far from the only one in that category). From thumbs on comments I’d say he ruffles some feathers. He may well have a number of unfriends who vote on the person rather than the subject.
If you want to discuss in more depth, pm me. We seem to be the only two on the subject at the moment.

Many that I vote down are duplicates or triplicates of the same subject matter. People who post, do not look to see if what they are posting have already been posted. For example, there were four squawks posted about the Chinese 919 taking it’s first flight. Once was enough. As far as the Gluten free meal, it was posted 24 hours prior to the banana story (same thing).