SOAP Service just started sending malformed XML


Not sure exactly what just changed in the last 15 minutes, but I am now getting:

Declarations can only occur in the doctype declaration.
Last 80 unconsumed characters:

Server Er

This is coming from the code that consumes the SOAP messages… I am guessing that the rest of the title is something about “Server Error”…



I ran with more debugging, and this is the content on the web page I am getting:

Server Error
Mon Oct 06 13:00:46 EDT 2008

The server encountered an internal error when handling your page.

Tcl-Webserver/3.5.1 May 27, 2004
Tcl version 8.4.18


Anyone else having problems, or is it just me?


It should be fine now.


Thanks… I noticed after about 3 hours that it came back. I’d love to be on some sort of notification list for when services go down… And then back up…

Have you’all looked at Nagios for pro active monitoring?


Is this occurring again? I am getting an AXIS error stating that the XML is not well-formed.




The service looks fine to me. Can you share the error and cause?


I’m not sure I can - I’m just getting started with Axis and the JavaDocs are impossible to find. I don’t know of any way to dump what I get back.

Essentially, I am attempting to get a list of routes between a pair of airports. I create the locator and the stub and pass in my credentials, but then I get the malformed XML error when I do the search itself.

Sorry I don’t have more information at present - is there anything else I can try to help you out?




My error. It turns out I was passing my user account password, rather than my flightXML key. Apologies.