small plane down in CT with engine trouble.





Ice where? Does that plane have a carb?


I think Will means icing on the airframe, not carb ice.


Yes, the Rotax 912 in the Flight Design CTSW is carbureted. Probably had some carb icing based on the description of “started losing power as they entered CT”.


I understand that a large portion of the GA fleet are basically vintage aircraft, (in my State any car over 25 years qualifies as
"historic", so there are a lot of historic planes out there), but I would not buy a newer acft unless it was FI.

When I was a student in 152s, carb ice scared the #%@& out of me because I was afraid I would not detect its onset. With all the wind noise, distractions, navigation chores, and the newness of flying solo in a plane that was made when Disco was new, when conditions were right for ice, I kept my eye on that tach like it was pointing a gun at me. Yes I was paranoid about it.


And oh yeah, don’t forget that when it starts to melt, the engine is now sucking in fuel, air and water, and will run worse before it gets better. And don’t turn it off until it does or you are worse off than before you turned it on. Still love 152s though.


Water in the intake manifold is not always a “bad” thing, you just have to manage it. … engines%29


Good point JHEM, but I won’t be adding any to my Skyhawk’s tanks :wink: