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Slump in positions reported numbers?

Has there been a change of collecting the Positions Reported data?

Since December 1st my Pos Reports have roughly halved but the number of aircraft have remained the same +/- 100 aircraft

Checking locally I’m still getting 120,000+ a day but the stats here show 50-65,000



While debugging the missing data problem, we noticed that the sharing interval for ADS-B feeders varied significantly. Some users at 5 seconds, some at 10 seconds, some at 15, 20, 30, etc. In order to help us diagnose the problem and create some consistency, we now have the ability to set a minimum interval. Currently, we’re experimenting, but if we decide to raise the interval from what we originally published (10), we’ll let everyone know.

In the mean time, the statistic most reflective of the problem is probably the # of aircraft seen.

Okay no biggie as I said the # of aircraft are relative to what I receive locally.

Thanks for the explanation

Has there been a change? My average reports per flight has suddenly gone up from 50 to 90.