Slow Lear ?

Why would it take a Lear 8+ hours to go 2100 miles ? … /CYYZ/CYYJ

My guess would be 100 knot headwinds. Filed 440 and getting 340 ground speed.

It won’t take a Lear 35 8 hours to fly 2100 miles…it will crash about 5 hours into flight, 600 miles short of its destination. Unless he has some serious long-range tanks on board, he’ll have to divert short of his destination. … ttype/LJ36

I just flew UGN-BOI-MFR on friday 3.8 flying and 120kts on the nose. he’s swimming upstream

At 440kts that a 4.7 hour flight. Hope he has -3C and the batwing mod. I’d push that 5.2 at the most then start looking to land

You probably watch the earth rotate :stuck_out_tongue: from your altitude.

Posted link to pic just moments before you responded, looks like he has extended wing tip tanks?

Link to the owners Fleet Profile page:

They look like normal tanks to me but I can see from one of the pictures that he has the batwing mod. that’s a 5.5 hour airplane like that. plus ISO in the 400+ FLs is cold he can make it.

PLUS its a -36 that puppy can go way longer then my bladder

At least: :open_mouth:

Jets not my forte so bear with me.

Is this a case of “mislabeling” on the photo or even the tail number page?

Lightcrew’s link says a 36A can go 2200 NM yet tail number shows 35A that can go 1800 miles per lightcrews link.

Looks to me they filed the full 8 hours and been in the air for 6 hours? Something doesn’t compute in my head. (surprise surprise).

WOW, If I didn’t know any better, that resembles a late fall or winter time setup. Seems like the jet stream setting up shop a little further south then what I can remember for June.

Something is fishy. It shows over 8 hours and the speeds on the track log were not as slow as I thought

this is what called for

Well he landed on (revised) schedule and it was C-FEMT.

Some unusual happenings on the ramp upon arrival, which I won’t detail in respect of privacy, but if anything turns up in the local news I’ll pass it on. … J/tracklog

Track log shows 05:18 flight time. Add the 3 time zones, lose a few minutes on each end for radar delay, and a glitch in a computer and you get the 08:10 that FlightAware shows.

C-FEMT is a Lear 36 not a 35. but they file as a 35 because other than seat count and fuel load they are the same.

5+18 is doable in a Lear-36, I’ve done it at least 70 times.

It’s doable in a -35 with the batwing I’ve done it before (my bladder was very upset with me after)

Yes, log shows first entry at 0907 Pacific time, front page saying actual departure 0916 Eastern. I guess the FA software can only go on the data its given. If I’d checked the log before he was in fact airborne it would have been obvious :blush: .

Note at the top of the tracklog where it says “All times are in (your preference) time to prevent confusion due to time zone crossing.”

Understood. If the flight plan is filed with the wrong departure time zone it’s still confusing, hence a 5-hour flight showed as 8 hours in this instance. Not much to do about that I suppose.

Well worded. I wish I would have grabbed some screenshots as everything pointed to an 8 hour flight even while it was enroute.

It was showing 5 hours down 3 to go below the graphical map and that seem consistent with what was on the graphical map based on my lack of lear performance knowledge. :slight_smile:

In fact, and you’ll have to take my word for it, the first time I checked the inbounds it was showing an 1105 PDT arrival which was consistent with a 0900 (EDT) departure. Several hours later the arrival had been pushed back to 1420 but nothing else had changed, hence my confusion.

I’ll know what to do if it happens again.

Another slightly anomalous thing yesterday: we had a Global Express in from Moscow which did not show up in the list until he contacted Edmonton about an hour out. Luckily I was watching for the above Lear otherwise I probably wouldn’t have known.