Skywest plane hits jetway at LAX . . .

SkyWest plane slams into jetway at LAX
February 16, 2010 | 7:29 pm

A SkyWest Airlines plane slammed into a boarding jetway Tuesday morning at Los Angeles International Airport, breaking propeller blades that struck the fuselage, according preliminary information released by the National Transportation Safety Board.

There were no injuries to the crew members or 25 passengers on board the twin-engine Embraer turboprop airplane, NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson said.

The safety board has dispatched an investigator from its Gardena office to investigate the incident, which happened about 6:30 a.m. The plane was coming from McClellan-Palomar airport in Carlsbad, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

After landing, the aircraft was directed by a SkyWest employee into the taxi area where it struck the jetway. The propeller blades apparently hit the jetway and then hit the plane, but they did not enter into the cabin area, Knudson said.

We need a whole separate “Crazy Regional Pilot Antics” thread.

Edit: Let me also say that this is a very “under the radar” story for some reason. With all of the coverage that the regionals are getting right now, I’d think this story would be national news already.

After reading the first posting it sounds like the pilot blindly followed the marshaller.

So glad no one was hurt. If we don’t total the plane, I got alot of OT in LA

As they have to, Pilots can’t really see much of what’s below them or behind them.

:unamused: To an extent. But if you’re paying attention it’s not hard to notice a potential hazard if something is not positioned properly in the gate area. Especially in a Brasilia as the aircraft isn’t that large, and the pilots have a good view of the outboard wing, engine, and prop arc on their respective sides. The crew is always responsible for their SA (situational awareness) regardless of what a marshaller is telling them to do.

I’ve gotta agree with AZ on this one. I don’t care what the ramper wants me to do, I’ve got my head on a swivel when I’m parking, and if I am even the least bit concerned or unsure, I’m stopping.

Besides, it’s an Brasilia! All the guy had to do is look out the window! … /KCRQ/KLAX

Man! Brazee’s are tough planes. The plane just ferried into FAT from LAX this morning. New prop and engine were hung last week. Now it’s our turn. The beckoning echo through the hangar of SHEETMETAL!!!

Can we get a few pictures?

Fly boy! I would love to give pictures, company policy would kill me if I posted them. What I can say is this. A free spinning turbine is neat. Sudden stoppage does not put as much stress on a nacelle as one would think. Momentum was the factor for structure. Sudden stoppage clues… I have FOUR Ham Sunstrand props for sale. Three aren’t that good, but, one is in mint condition!!! ain’t that cool!!! I also have a metal tube for sale with MINOR damage FWD of something I call a wing box. I want to sell a housing that contains a spinny thingee Doo Dad, pay no attention to the slight krinkle on the OB side of it. I have some friends in South America that will give me info on how to increase it’s value. For breakfast I had chard bread and it reminded me of a spinney thingee propulsion device I saw. But I got a new one. The spinney thigee went in a round file, new one too.
I bet that if the sun comes up in 30 or 40 days, some people in Fresno will be tired. But the public will be A O K as they should be.

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Don’t know who MEEK is. All I know is I’ll be fixing this bird for a while. If you wanna see pictures. You won’t find them Public

Hmm - so we’re on a scavenger hunt, are we? Where’s old bloodhound robbreid? :smiley:

Not a scavenger hunt. I just can’t post pictures, or give any PUBLIC statement with a DIRECT account of anything that may have occured. IE: Hi I’m John Doe and I work for Sooper Dooper Airlines and this is what happened. I would be fired in a nano second.

News video :slight_smile:

Oh God, That Meek persons picture is FREEKING me out. I have seen it smaller (avatar) and just kind of ignored his rantings. Seeing that profile avatar BIG makes me wanna gouge my eyes out. Thank you for the info wiser. All I can say is, I’m crazy in a good way. My avatar is superfly from