Skywest E120/Expressjet E135 future schedule problems


A number of Skywest flights that are operated with modified callsigns (ie United flight is 2334 and flight operates at SKW334E) are showing up in the future schedule as E120’s. These flights primarily operate from the ORD and DEN hubs where there are no or few E120’s, respectively. When they fly using the amended callsign these phantom flights stay in the schedule. I’ve seen a lot of novice users not familiar with UAX flights become confused by these flights. Is there anyway you can fix it or at least make it show the correct equipment?

Additionally, all Expressjet flights are showing up in the future schedule as E135’s and only when the flight becomes active is it corrected to E145 or E14X. Expressjet no longer operates E135’s. This should be a fairly straightforward fix. Example: … ationName=