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Skyview max zoom level


I haven’t setup my piaware yet, but I was wondering what the max zoom level is in the Skyview software. I really want to focus on my local airport. Will I be able to zoom in enough to fill the screen with just the traffic pattern of the airport?

Also, with the free Enterprise account on FlightAware, does that also allow a higher level of zoom on the FlightAware website? With my free account, I can’t zoom in nearly as much as I want.


Would this be close enough?

Note the scale of 0.5 nm in bottom left.

But you can zoom in further

If that is not close enough it can go further. :wink:

I suspect something like this is more suitable

Have fun,



This is how close I get when logged in.



Perfect. That’s exactly what I want.



@brucehvn Try first, with the free account, to change the default layer to Satellite - click first on the little tab on top-right corner (you can see it in the above picture).
Also, I can zoom to 50ft on local map, but that’s too small for the speed a flying plane. Those pictures, at low take-off and landing speeds, had only a window of seconds to catch at 200ft and 500ft zoom levels.


Thanks for the tip on the free account. I can now zoom in farther by switching to one of the other base layers. I will probably never need to zoom in that close in SkyView, but it’s nice to see that it’s possible.

My antenna just arrived today, so I’m all ready and anxious to setup my PiAware system.


after reading this I did not relise this function was available, many thanks for asking question, it has been most helpful to me, regards Derek


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