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Hi all, we are the new kids on the block with tracking aircraft.
We have created from scratch SkyScanWorld, we are currently testing Android, IOS, Desktop, with our tracking systems, we also have our “very own” satellite feed.our website is currently underdevelopment, all being well SkyScanWorld will be going live at the end of September 2020.
We already have a number of members who currently feed SkyScanWorld, “globally” however we are still looking for more, the more feeds we get the far better our coverage…
Would any of you be willing to share your feed to us, if yes, we will give you free full access to Skyscanworld once we go live.
Please have a look on our Facebook page or twitter page, or SkyScanWorld.com

Thank you for reading.

Regards Warren

Which satellite feed are you using?

Hi, apologies for not getting back to you sooner, i did not get a notification.
We have our very own sat feed, ADS-C , and we also use ADSB that we have permission to use…