Skybus Diversion


Original Flight was KCMH to KFLL. Returned to CMH. … /KCMH/KCMH

Apparently due to passenger disruption. … 08450.html


You’ll be reading about my family in April. I’m taking all 5 kids, one of which is severly autistic to Alabama. Maybe I’ll start drugging them all now.


This, along with lousy weather in Florida, must explain why things are so far behind today. I also saw last night that one (maybe more) on the night inbounds to KSGJ ended up at KDAB.


Just don’t bring any guns with you (or say that you have one), and y’all will do fine.


Or bomb (Meet the Parents) :laughing:


Chances are I’ll be on that flight.


Good you can help :wink:

I’ll IM you when I need you :smiley:


No need to IM… I’ll be sitting in the middle row with one of your kids, you know the row of seats that seperate you and two of your kids from your wife and the other two kids? Ya, that one… it’s where I always sit!


Then I’ll be right next to you or the row behind. It does not matter when or where I go I always have kids all around me. I can think of only one time they behaved. Fortunately that was on an 11 hour ATL to OGG flight in '06 and I was in coach. Other than that the kids usually throw up on me from the seat in front. Don’t laugh…its happened twice. And if its on skybus i’ll have to pay for the towell to clean myself up! :laughing:


Saw a cartoon once showing a screaming baby in the cabin and a man in the row right in front of the kid said to the woman next to him,
“May I have your scarf? I am trying to make a tiny parachute”


Thats funny. In the old smoking days I was somewhere over the north pole with my parents and the kid in front of us tossed an apple core over the seat at me (after having bounced their seatback for about three hours). My dad took the air hose to those old headphones and stuck it between the seats and piped all his smoke forward. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok this is something my wife and I wonder about all the time.

If you come into, say and airplane and see 5 kids and 2 parents; why o why would you seat near them if you think they’ll bother you?

We’ll go out to eat and pick a table away from others and it never fails, here comes some college professor looking guy with a book and he seats at the next table. The next thing I know he looks pi$$ed off. Why did you seat there when the restaurant was half empty? Something happens at the park ALL the time.

Anyway we’ll pay to pre board so we can all seat close to each other and everyone boarding will have a chance to seat far away.

But if they start acting up, I’m moving too :laughing:



I mostly fly airlines with assigned seating. Apparently Murphy handles the seat assignments.

I really like when I see families who treat their kids like people and don’t talk to them in some exagerated manner for my benefit. Of course kids are going to act silly and have alot of energy. Sometimes in the rush to organize the family, manage the stroller(s) and catch the flight the parents get stressed out and act like complete idiots, making matters much worse for everyone.