Skyaware Anywhere numbers are off

Site “A” which gets more flights to the west shows 42 flights
Site “B” which has a far reaching eastern look shows 145 flights
Skyaware Anywhere shows 143 flights

I understand there are some duplicates but before upgrading to 6.0 I am fairly certain that Skyaware showed more than site “B” alone.

I do not have this problem on my 2 6.0 feeders.; my “A” site shows 53 flights and my “B” site shows 49 flights and Skyaware Anywhere shows 66 flights. It appears that Skyaware Anywhere does not show TIS-B targets which are counted on the local Piaware Skyview page and also seems to drop some MLAT targets. In addition UAT targets appear to classified as Data Source = ADSB on Skyaware Anywhere.

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