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Why is JAL7901 only showing for 5 December when keyed in manually?

It shows as ATD 1820z KBFI-PHNL.

But when you look under the KBFI departures, it’s not listed and instead there’s BOE956 showing as having departed at that time. :unamused:

Still broken. :frowning:


It shows up fine for me when I input “JAL7901” into the Flight/Tail # section.

I see a departure from KBFI to PHNL on 12/05/2007, PHNL to PKMJ on 12/06/2007, and PKMJ to PGUM on 12/07/2007 showing it arrived over 6 hours ago.

Did the flight appear on either the airport page (with 10 items in each board) or the departures page (with the last 40 departures)?

Please include a screenshot when reporting bugs.

Noting wrong with FlightAware. I scrolled through the BFI departures and found this:

JAL7901 B738 Honolulu Intl (PHNL) Wed 10:20 PST Wed 15:01 HST Wed 14:19 HST

Hi Rob,

Just as a side note I checked the JAL website and plugged in the flight number and this is all I got…

DEP 05DEC 09:40 Scheduled
ARR 05DEC 15:10 Estimated

DEP 05DEC 14:15 Scheduled

ARR 06DEC 17:20 Scheduled

DEP 06DEC 18:15 Scheduled

ARR 06DEC 20:15 Scheduled

DEP 07DEC 17:05 Scheduled

ARR 07DEC 19:40 Scheduled

Flight No.:JL7901

Unfortunately no reg info on this flight.


It is now showing in the BFI departures log, but I can 100% assure you that it was not showing there for at least 24hrs after having departed!!! I made doubly sure of that before posting on here.

Unfortunately I am unable to do screenshots on this PC. The best I can do is save the screenshot and paste it into a Word doc.

It’s JA307J, the first one for JAL Express.