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Site Name

ADS-B Feeder Statistics.
There is a ‘Site Name’ field under site configuration. However, if I set a site name it is only visible to myself, whilst logged in to my account. Would it be possible to make this name public please?
It doesn’t seem too useful for me to be the only person that is able to see the information I have added to this field.

Does the site name not appear in the orange bar right above the site information for everyone?
Or is this then also visible for you only?

Site names are only visible to yourself (+ FA staff) - they’re usually used as notes to distinguish sites.

I don’t think we can make these visible globally unconditionally as they can have info that’s probably not meant to be public. Maybe a “public site description” field would work better.

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Yes, either a separate public description or an option such (as a tick box) to allow the existing site description to be public.

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I’d like to see that also. Our airport is not near the only one that FlightAware allows us to choose. Being able to call my site after our actually airport would make much more sense.