Site Location Dot way different to my Manually Set Site Location

Just revisiting all the new features of PiAware/Flightaware Account and Web Site set up after a PiAware rebuild to 6.1.

Previously I used the Lat/Lon detail that my SatNav gave me. Yesterday I used the neat little drag-tool in the web-based site location tools set. Interestingly, it had my original set location as miles away and I had to drag my location-dot a very long way. So having set what I thought was my exact antenna location on one map my local flight map display has my little dot almost half a mile away.

Is this some cunning site anonymity thing or are the two map datums miss aligned?

I’m guessing a miss located site could upset the MLAT timings. Should I worry?

The deviation from your original spot only controls what other people see in your profile

It controls if people see the location as xx.xx, xx.xx or only xx.x, xx.x
That moves your pin away from the original location.

But in your own profile the precise position should be shown, especially on the map when you select it from the gear icon.

If you’ve not manually set the location before, then the location is estimated from, essentially, the average of aircraft positions that your receiver sees. This is enough for a very approximate location but, as you say, it can be miles away from the true location.

Yes, exact site locations are rounded for public display for privacy reasons.


Thanks. I’m one of those cranky types and if I do one thing I get confused if I then get something else. Sort-of does my head in and I worry.

The location shown in the Account Set Up Tool is repeatable to my exact location. As I understand it Fightaware use event timings to cross check positions (MLAT??) and was more worried for their statistics.

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