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Site Configuration (sub-tab) Issue

On my user stats page, at the right end of the bar with the feeder site number is a little “cog” that takes me to the sub-tab for “Site Configuration.” I noticed today the appearance of the “Site Configuration” window that is presented is much larger than before (in multiple browsers), and I am now unable to scroll to the bottom of the “Site Configuration” window to see the site Log, i.e., there is no way to move the window in any direction. Maybe it’s just me… but I thought I’d share… thanks.

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I think others mentioned it as well, decreasing the zoom in the browser to values like 80% seems to be a quick workaround.

Excellent… thank you! That is a quick workaround. At 80% I can now see the site Log.

Hey all,

We’ve filed an issue and will get that looked at soon. Thanks for catching this.

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Could you please just revert to the previous version - this is just awful.

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When i view it on my Android phone or Android tablet the page is locked and cannot zoom.