Anyone been to Simcom in Orlando? What is the place like? do they have a cafeteria? Free coffee and tea?
Any good hotels and restaurants near by? Also does anyone know if there is a gym near that I can get a daily pass for?

Going next week for recurrent training.


Holiday Inn Select is right up the street, as well as a number of other hotels right in the same area. There is a cafeteria on the second floor, but from what I remember (I went for PC12 initial 4 years ago) it wasn’t stocked with food like FSI is. I think they have coffee and tea though.

Thanks- I didn’t my initial at CAE simuflite in Dallas and I liked it.
Any good eats around that you remember?

I went to SimCom MCO for Citation II Initial. Great group of instructors. I had Todd for ground, and Dick Goede for the ride. Always stayed at the Holiday Inn Select. They just redid the lobby, and it’s not bad, pretty good rates too, they also have a bar.

There’s an Italian restaurant on Semoran, and it’s honestly some of the best food I’ve ever had. I still go there every time I’ve got a trip down there. Can’t remember the name of it, but ask at Simcom for the “Italian Restaurant” and they’ll tell you how to get there. It’s next to the strip club for further identification only. (2 weeks is a long time!!)

You can rent a kayak at one of the lakes north of the city for like 15 bucks, fun for your one day off.

It’s a nice facility, the sims are so so depending on type. I had to stay an extra day for a broken sim.

We now use FSI because Simcom doesn’t have an XL program.

What airplane you going for?

P.S. Yes they have free coffee and tea, they used to have free lunch on certain days, but most places seem to have phased that out.


I’ll only be there 3 days.
Thanks for the intell. It’s for Lear 35/25/55

Heading back to school tomorrow- BLAH.