Shuttle America callsign

When you’re viewing a Shuttle America flight, up at the top where it says Shuttle America, the callsign is shown as “Shuttlecraft”, the callsign for Shuttle America (TCF) is now “Mercury”. This changed this weekend. Hope it helps.

Thanks, the website should reflect the new callsign within 24 hours.

Why the new name?
I kinda liked Shuttlecraft. Reminded me of Star Trek. :wink:

Agreed! Mercury sounds so toxic and dangerous oh yeah and dumb! Shuttlecraft has a nice ring to it.

The name was changed because of confusion with the callsign “Air Shuttle.”

The original callsign replacement was going to be “Crossroads” to commemorate the airline’s home in Indianapolis, but the FAA declared this could cause confusion with “Crosswinds”, etc.

I’ve heard mercury on the radio today, sounds too much like a military callsign. :neutral_face:

Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of the flight of Mercury 4 with Virgil Grissom.

Apparently Shuttle America does not use single-digit flight numbers so we can’t say “Mercury 4 flies again!”