Show other aircraft nearby.

When tracking your flight on an airplane that has Wi-Fi it would be a nice feature to show other planes that are nearby on the map display. For example, to see who passed by or to see other aircraft ahead for possible ride reports.

To do this now, I view activity at an airport that is close to our position and that map will show all the planes in the area if zoomed in far enough.

Would this be a possibility on the track flight map?

How 'bout using this feature as a poor man’s TCAS!!! :smiling_imp:

Five minute delay! :open_mouth:

Yeah, that does pose a certain limitation in that regard. Still, the information may be old, but would still be of some value.

I think my concern is the bug in tracking VFR flight-following traffic, and also the planes not participating.

That and poor men don’t install WiFi on their plane :smiley:

I guess I have pulled up flight aware with a blackberry when on flight following in a single engine. But, most of the TA’s I get with TCAS are from planes that aren’t talking to ATC. Either way, the more information available the better off you are as long as you know the limitations of it…and aren’t distracted by it.