Show all airports when you choose to track a single flight?

It’s difficult to tell where a flight is based on landmarks because it doesn’t show any. I’m not suggesting showing terrain and such, just showing all aiports when you track a flight. It only shows the departure point and the destination point. Is this a good idea? Y/N I don’t know how to create a poll so i’ll just take text responses

Thumbs up.
Edit: OK after tobyz, thumbs down.

Posting all airports on the map does nothing but produce clutter and obscure the actual flight path. Posting the IFR routing points (VORs, etc.) for the flight would, I think, be informative.

I don’t know how you’d have any idea of where a flight is based simply from the display of one flight segment. I’d like to see all flight segments of a given day on a single map or, alternatively, all segments of the previous 24 hours on the map. Still, make it an option! I think this is currently under development for the new map package.

being able to choose to display this or not would be even better. and maybe an option to display only large airports, or all. I just thought of an option to show cities too. good idea?

Like a sectional? Since FA tracks IFR flights, the waypoints would be the best thing to show. Anything else is clutter.