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Shortest Flights in the US

The shortest flight is Alaska/Horizon 2214 from Pullman/Moscow to Lewiston, but you have to book it as a connecting flight from SEA. The shortest non-regional aircraft flight is Alaska 65 from Wrangell to Petersburg (AS 737-400). While the shortest non-regional aircraft flight in the lower 48 is BWI-PHL (US A319/A320). Shortest wide-body? That would be OGG-KOA on a UA 777, but since it is a seasonal flight with the first leg being ORD-OGG it has not appeared in the winter schedule. Does anyone know if this flight will return this winter?

There’s also Island Air operating between Kahului and Lanai, a distance of about 35 miles with an ATR72. There are many scheduled air taxi flights within Alaska that are less than 35 miles in distance between airports. Many of these are flown VFR and don’t show in FlightAware.

Many cargo airlines operate scheduled flights that are very short. Don’t know if they still do but Kalitta operated a scheduled flight between EWR and JFK. It was probably a positioning flight.

The shortest sheduled flight I know of in the Province of Québec is from Île-aux-Grues to Montmagny, duration two minutes. It also serves as school bus since the school on the Island closed several years ago.

According to airmontmagny.com/index.php mentions year-round service (when translated by Google) but it’s unclear whether the winter service is scheduled.

The shortest flight in the world operated year round is between Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. It’s scheduled for 2 minutes. The flight is often done in less time.

Yes rw812, the scheduled service is year round, even more important in winter as there is no ferry at all because of the ice. On the morning and afternoon flights school children have priority. Air Montmagny also has the contract for medical emergencies.

rw812, here’s the link for the timetable and prices, sorry, in French only:

isle-aux-grues.com/files/other/H … r-2013.pdf