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Shorter antenna gets better range?


Scan with and without this filter.
How-to here:



@abcd567 I was trying to find info about Spektrum. Is there instruction to use it on Mac? Processing is Java, right? Actually, I am quite confused about the instructions even on paper. Do I just start Processing and drop .pde files in?

The Mac version is not available, only Windows and Linux.

I did not try Linux version which is available here (under latest version 2.1.0, click “Assets” to display Windows & Linux downloads):


Direct download links

For running on Linux:

For running on Windows (no installation required, just download and unzip, then double-click the file “spektrum.exe” inside the unzipped folder):



For Windows version, just double-click the file spektrum.exe ( see screenshot below)


Just installed Spektrum on my laptop but can’t get it working. I just get a black screen with a small dropdown box. The Select Device box is empty. The RF train I want to test is running on a Pi in my loft. Is Spektrum able to do that?

Spektrum needs to be run on the device that has the dongle attached.
If you have installed it on your laptop then you will need to plug a dongle into the laptop in order to use it.
It cannot remotely monitor a dongle on another device such as your Raspberry Pi.

Hi Lawrence, thanks for the reply, I’d thought that was the case but thought I’d ask the question anyway.

One week (exact) after installation, this station lost nearly 3 dB in daytime reduction and nearly 6 dB in nighttime reduction - AFTER I removed the filter in order to test its ability to suppress interference from a badly designed video adapter toward the short antenna, the reinstalled filter onto the long rod an hour later. Message rate took a corresponding dive. I cannot find any plausible cause. (Tried to resecure connections, and all.)