Short USC flight question

What’s up with this flight? Why is it a 10 minute flight that flies to and from the same airport?


USC=“Starcheck” AirNet Systems out of Rickinbacker in Columbus, OH

13 is a instructor pilot by the initials CW, I think. It might have changed.

At AirNet the training dept (and several others) had their own call letters. I was USC 22 when I flew there.

10 minutes, might have been a MX flight. If you look, the last several flights have been around 10 minute flights.

BTW, a more refined Subject line might get more attention. ie Why is this only a 10min. flight?

Craig Washka?
He’s director of pilot recuitment, I did a phone interview with him a few years ago. Nice guy, I know a lot of starcheck guys like him. One of my best friends flies a lear for them. When he started he was the youngest pilot they had ever hired (18). He flew the navajo, aerostar (before they got rid of them), and the baron. He’s been in the lear for about 3 years now.

Ya, I think 13 was him. Very nice guy. I started at AirNet when I was 25. At the time I was in class I was the youngest guy there. 2 years latter they were hiring 19 and 20 year olds. Just shows you how fast things change.

I was there 97-00. The whole time I was a KCMH floater pilot. When I left I was CURRENT in the Lear 25, Lear 35, Barron, Aerostar, and Navajo. I could have done the 310 also, but then I would have taken a checkride everymonth.

Loved being there. Wouldn’t have left, except as a Lear capt. in KCMH I never would have been higher then #5 in the senority list and there were only 4 KCMH based Lear runs. That would have met being on the road 40+ weeks of year till one of the pilots above me left. (BTW they’re all still there 7 YEARS later)

BTW nice subject line.