Short hop in a heavy. NHL team.

Toronto Maple Leafs flight.
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (twin-jet) [A320/Q]
Duration: 12 minutes
Speed 269 kts
Altitude 7000 feet

Thought this was funny. Pond skipping in a heavy. :laughing:


Use to be more common to have short flights like these. Off the top of my head, the following short flights happened - not all at the same time and many were years ago. Not all airlines carried local traffic, either.

YYZ/BUF: Eastern, Allegheny (?)
ERI/YYZ: Allegheny
FLL/PBI: National (?)
FLL/MIA: National and others
OAK/SFO: United, Air West, TWA (you can see OAK from SFO!)
SFO/SJC: TWA, United
OAK/SJC: Western (with 720/707), Horizon Air (with F28)
HOU/IAH: Continental (with DC-9), Continental Express

This list is not inclusive nor does it include helicopter services.


I was on a flight in the mid-60s that went Dallas Love to Ft. Worth Meacham (and then to Midland). That was before KDFW was built.

The airline, I believe, was Trans Texas Airlines — a/k/a Tree Top Airlines or Thrilled To Arrive.


Many flights, even on the larger airlines, served both Dallas and Fort Worth, resulting in many flights (relatively speaking) between those two cities. I wonder how many local passengers were actually carried.


I have been searching the net for the old airfare between Dallas and Fort Worth. No luck there!

However, in 1947, the short hop between South Bend, IN and Chicago had a fare of $3.80. Fort Wayne to Dayton was $4.30.

Of course, in 1947, $1.00 an hour was a very decent salary. You could buy a new car for under $3,000. And gasoline was pumped (no self-serve) at about 20 cents a gallon or less. Then again, a small-screen black-and-white television that in large cities got three stations from its channel 2-13 rotary dial cost more than a large-screen color set with 200 channels from cable or satellite costs us today. And who even dreamed about having a computer at home?


Check out

Regularly scheduled service, there’s another earlier in the day.


Well, Pat, you can’t exactly drive CYVR/CYYJ. :laughing:

I’ve done that route by auto ferry. It’s beautiful, but it’s mostly vacationers. If you have a one-day business meeting, however, you have no choice but to fly. I understand that the load percentage is quite high on that route.


Yep, but the use of an A319 (A320 some days) is new this year and fits in with the “short hop in a heavy” theme. Most YVR-YYJ flights are still Dash-8s as they have been for years, with a couple of CRJ2 rotations.

Loads are high, but the fares are even higher :open_mouth: .


wouldn’t be faster (and CHEAPER) for them to charter a coach or two?? By the time they go from the HSBC arena out to BUF, actually get up in the air…then try and get though the repudately horrific Customs at YYZ, theyd be home on a bus!

I have read where several pro teams actually go to YHM,go thru Customs there, then bus it to TO proper,because YYZ Customs is so bad…


Not exactly the same deal, but we used to fly RFD-ORD on American Eagle in the early 90s. Couldn’t have been more than a 20 min. flight…In fact, it was faster to just drive to O’Hare.


In about 1971, I flew Texas International Houston to Monterrey, Mexico.
The plane landed in Harlingen, then flew 30 miles to McAllen, then on to Monterrey.
That flight also happened to be the first flight to arrive at the new Monterrey airport. There were onlookers everywhere for the occasion.