Short Film - For Real Pilots only!!!



I have a pair of shoes just like that!! (but not a watch lol)


Forget the watch. I’ll take the blond please!!!


On the subject of watches ads, who else hates the Brietling ad with Travolta posing in his “flight jacket” and sunglasses and looking like a complete and total tool?


who in their right mind spends that kind of money on a watch - its like the Rolex crowd. I can break, lose or have stolen a Chinese rolex every month for the rest of my life and still not spend a much money on the knock-offs as the authentic one would cost. I’m not sure the Chinese version keeps any worse time, either . . .


Actually the cheap electronic knockoff version keeps much better time than the real mechanical version. Rolex’s are notoriously inaccurate, which clearly has nothing to do with their value.