Short Aircraft Research workplacement in jeopardy

This is a general appeal for help in the south of The Netherlands (Limburg)

My son is in secondary school (atheneum 4) and for years now has only one goal: becoming a pilot.

For school he had found a workplacement at an airport which he is very happy with.
Unfortunately instead of the necessary five days only one day was eventually possible with this company.

This is certainly a long shot but
can anybody help us out, finding a workplacement related to aircrafts/ flying on short notice.
My son needs to be part of a working environment for 5 days in the second half of February.
During this period he will do a small independent scientific research related to physics.

Aachen, Maastricht, but also Groningen and Rotterdam would be possibilities.

You never know… At least, thanks for reading :slight_smile: