Shelter Cove

Was in the Bay Area a few weeks ago and found 0Q5 to the North. Shelter Cove Airport. Anyone ever fly or drive in? Unfortunately, I had to drive, but still loved the trip.

OQ5 is my family’s regular Sunday burger run. It is amazing. See the photos in link!/album.php?ai … =707359025

Some stuff to know: there are few “outs” if your engine quits as there is nothing but ocean and heavily timbered mountains but altitude can help with this. There is no weather the nearest and most similar is Arcata about 50 miles north- if Arcata is clear so is Shelter. Best time to visit is spring and fall as summer is fog season and there is no published approach. There is NO GAS and no services. The approach can be bumpy if windy. The runway is sloped uphill on 30. Watch for golfers, dogs and deer on runway there is no fence and the runway is on the golf course.

There is a campground and great hotels within a short walk as well as good food at many eclectic places- we like the general store on the south end for fish and chips. The golf is great 9 holes all ocean view and a box to put your $10 green fee in. The ocean is a 5 minute walk and the tide pools are great! I hope you like it as much as we do!

I did here.

Thanks guys. What a great place, especially for an east coast guy. Frank, can you share a flight plan from home base?

KAJO GPS Direct 0Q5, 12,500.

I am hooked on your videos! Nice work…!

Holy #@!* , I just noticed that Shelter Bay was listed as MeekRN’s home airport!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

You can say that again!

Yea, his hangar is next to the fuel island.


Seem to remember reading an article about that airport in a recent magazine. Don’t recall which one.
Aren’t I such a big help?

You are correct, May 2010 issue of AOPA. Funny because I never heard of it and thought it was such an off the beaten path place. Then when I got home from my trip the magazine was in my mail with the article.

I didn’t know so many people knew about Shelter Cove either! jborysenko, thanks for posting the pictures of your family. Do the kids enjoy flying? I know some kids just “put up with it”.

I’m looking forward to going to Shelter Cove. My instructor likes to take students there after they get their PPL. He calls it “post-graduate education”. :smiley:

Geoflyer, My kids and flying…Well my son age 4.5 loves it and would go anywhere with me but the 2.5 year old daughter used to love it and is now “scared” of the plane.

Last month the wife had jury duty and I stayed home with kids. Got an oil change for van near airport. Son says on way home “is there anything else fun we can do today papa?” I respond “lets go flying” they say “no something else fun, like the car dealership” :frowning: Not kidding

You can always get them in the plane to fly to Disneyland. But getting them back in to fly home is the problem.

Try FSX, maybe it’ll break that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw! I had to laugh at that story, it’s really cute. The car dealership is fun when you’re a kid - I seem to remember enjoying going myself. :slight_smile:

Hopefully your little ones will appreciate the flying more as they get older. Sometimes kids don’t really “get” things when they’re little. Might just feel too much like being cooped up in the car.

It’s awesome they’re being exposed to GA so young, though, I wish I’d been!

My son is starting to get it. He says he wants to fly rescue choppers for Calstar when he gets big; he’s wanted to since 2 and before I got my ticket. I ask him how many other kids in his school flew their airplane this weekend? He’s the best “aviation buddy” because with luggage he’s only 50 pounds.


I’ll bite. If there’s no gas why is there a fuel island?

OK, now look here and point to Meek’s hangar!