SFRA (ADIZ for old school) tracking

FlightAware doesn’t capture ALL SFRA flights. Curious to know why? I know that is able to capture these flights.

Can you provide flights and dates?

We require a destination and ETA/ETE to create a flight (some VFR flights lack these in the feed from the FAA) in our system, while some other vendors don’t. Fltplan isn’t an ASDI vendor, so they’re probably getting their data through another tracking company.

Yes, N106LE flew at least twice today, 11/6, and departed the SFRA through the PALEO gate. N4846G flew today also. There was also a Dehavilland Chipmunk a Cessna 152… None of these show in today’s activity.

I see the flights you’re referring to in the raw; they’re incomplete so we didn’t create a flight. Looks like they usually are complete, so we create flights for them.

What is incomplete about the filing?

There was no flight plan message in advance of the flight and the ETMS message indicating the flight became active was lacking a destination.