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SetAlert - No Validation For Ident, origin and date_start


I am Hitting FlightAware with ident, date start, date end, origin and destination,
ident which i have passed, that flight has no route with specified origin and destination, still it subscribes to that flight, and giving me alertId. There is no validation on setAlert for such case, can you please guide me on this, is this bug or is there any other way to validate.
https://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SetAlert?alert_id=0&ident=SEJ635&date_start=1569416400&date_end=1569416400&origin=GOA&destination=GOA&channels={16 e_departure e_arrival e_cancelled}

The different matching parameters (start_date, ident, orig, etc) are joined by a logical AND. It’s very unlikely the parameters this example alert will result in a push alert since the requested ident doesn’t normally operate to or from the the requested airports.

Additionally, when setting alerts near a flight’s anticipated departure time it can be useful to not specify a start date so the alert becomes active immediately.