Set up without a display??


Is it possible to set up my Pi on a wireless network without using an HDMI display, and if so, how?


Take a look on ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/remote-desktop-t19490.html


The pi can also drive an analog display (the older model has a RCA socket for this, the newer one has a 3.5mm socket that needs an adaptor because it also does sound)

Theoretically it can be done, but it is helpful to have a display available when doing the setup to see all the messages etc., for running - it’s not required


Sure is, if you can put it on a wired network for a bit first. Set it up per FlightAware’s directions for building the PiAware, and have it plugged into your network. When you go to claim the system, you’ll see its IP address.

Next, connect to the pi using ssh. The username will be pi, and the password will be raspberry. You can then use the instructions at … pberry-pi/ to set up WiFi via the command line. Once you reboot the pi, ssh in again and run iwconfig. That should show you connected to your wireless network. Once you see that, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable.