Sequester delay info

Have the folks at FA put together any kind of comparison of delay statistics for the “sequester” days versus a “normal” Sunday or Monday?

It would be interesting to see what the data shows as far as delay differences. How much of what people are blaming on sequester is different than a usual Sunday or Monday.

Just an idea. Probably make for a lot of mentions in media if they had some data.

Keep up the great work!

The usual hoopla/doom and gloom. I’m on AWE198 into SAN, mention as one of the “massive delay” cities. We’ll be 5 minutes early. Definitive proof? Not hardly. It’ll be interesting to see how the week goes.

This sequester is nothing but an attempt by the socialist jackass called Obama to make it miserable for citizens because he couldn’t get a tax increase!

Let me ask you something. If you were told by your boss that you would get a $100 raise but then he came back and said he could only give you only a $99.50 raise, does that mean you didn’t get a raise? No, of course not. You didn’t get a full raise but you got most of it. That’s the same way with this sequester. The federal government, with Obama and other Democrats, are upset because they can’t get 100% of the raise they wanted for the government.

By the way, the FAA could have reduced its expenditures by other means other than laying off controllers twice a month. But they didn’t because it wouldn’t hurt taxpayers as much.

For the slim majority who voted for Obama, thank you. Now the entire nation (over 50% when you consider not everyone voted) is suffering.

It would be great if the major media would point out that the sequester is NOT a reduction in government spending but they are too enamored with Obama and Company to actually report truthfully.

Keep your political opinion to yourself. :neutral_face:

Just answer the question.

That was my answer to the question. This is political.

I believe that response was what he wanted.

Seriously. There’s enough of that bullcrap floating around the internet. I don’t need more political garbage from either side.

I am interested in real data on the impact. Not political opinions.

Anybody with local NYC knowledge care to comment on the impact winds may have had on the recent delays? What wind directions/patterns cause more problems for arrivals and departures?

I see now JFK and LGA are reporting delays due to winds.

And spare me the global warming impact on wind story. I don’t need crap about how Al Gore is a hyporcite or global warming deniers are morons. :stuck_out_tongue:

For LGA and JFK generally, winds from the south cause the worst delays because the arrival paths are mostly from the south, so aircraft have to curl around the airports through a very tight corridor to line up for approach.