Senator Claire McCaskill Plane


Any idea what kind of plane she and her husband own? With I an unpaid tax bill of $287,273 I am curious. N#?


I found an article that mentioned a company called “Timesaver LLC”. That would be this aircraft: … ertxt=71TP

Here’s the article:


Thanks CM! With your info I found this photo:


Politics and taxes aside, that seems like a fairly modest plane IMO. Hardly the ‘private jet’ as is described in some of the press that gives the impression she’s commuting in a BBJ.


My thoughts exactly 1AJR…before this past election there was a big smear against Robin Carnahan for flying her own “luxurious private plane”. In reality, she flew herself around in a 60’s era Beech Debonair. If these people think this is an extravagant and luxurious plane I don’t know what would happen if they toured a Gulfstream or equivalent!


I think the bigger issue is that she billed $88,000 in flights to her office (taxpayers) while at the same time she (blaming her silly husband) didn’t pay $287,273 in taxes on the $3 Million airplane. Then when she got caught she said “I told my husband to sell that damn airplane”. If she had flown on her privately owned plane for her own convenience and not billed the taxpayers, it would not be a story. If she had flown on her private plane and only billed the taxpayers for the cost of an airline ticket, it probably wouldn’t be a story either.