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Secret Aircraft - Why Does This Happen?

Two aircraft are run by a known entity.

  1. Aircraft 1. It’s visible in AirNav Radarbox, where I can see the Ident and the Registration. BUT in FlightAware on the Raspberry Pi, I cannot see the Ident. The ICAO is visible and that matches up with “Mode-S” in the RadarBox app on my iPhone. When I use the FlightAware iPhone App, I can see the Ident.

  2. Aircraft 2 is not visible in Flightradar24. Its only visible in the “Flight Live” app on the iPhone. There is no Ident. I haven’t checked FlightAware yet as this aircraft is used on special occasions.

I really know enough about this stuff and it looks very confusing. I also suspect that the pilots are turning off the Ident too.

What are your thoughts on seeing this in some apps and not others?

As a result, we have come under pressure from aircraft operators with legitimate security concerns to stop feeding MLAT data back or remove their aircraft from the feed. Specifically, a lot of the concern originates from law enforcement, military, and other government operators that appreciate our cooperation

That does not explain why he doesn’t see the data on his local Raspberry.

I’ve seen this also from time to time. Sometimes other flight sites are having more data, depending on the flight.

We aggregate data from multiple sources. It may be that the callsign is not being transmitted (what you see via SkyAware is directly what your receiver is hearing - it is purely local data); but on the website side, we were able to tie the aircraft to another datasource such as a flightplan from an ANSP which did include a callsign. Or maybe your receiver just never managed to hear a callsign message (but other receivers did).

Without a concrete example it’s guesswork.

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Both aircraft fall into one of these categories. No real flight plan and they dont want to be observed.

If I gave an ICAO would it be possible to see if it falls into that category?

ICAO address, tail number, ident, and time of flight. From your original post you have all of this information. Not much point trying to guess at info you already have.

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