Seattle not showing all scheduled departures


Why are the scheduled departures messed up?


The scheduled departures have been screwed up for about a week now, with no word from the staff as to why and when it will be fixed.

The departures are there but not in the right order. Click to sort by scheduled time and then (for tomorrow), scroll down to the second set of Sunday entries. The first set is stale.


Agreed. No-one replies to any bug reports anymore. I think the previous guy must have been sacked and they’ve got some kid in to mess the site up including useless stuff like average flight prices instead of sticking to what they do (sorry, DID) do best.

BFI is also all messed up. Flights showing in the sched list which departed nearly a month ago and others all out of order with Monday’s showing before Sunday’s etc.


Not like it’s rocket science; 3 lines of code.

If the scheduled departure date/time is more than 24 hours in the past, just drop it. :unamused: