Seating A or F?


I am flying LAX - EWR in F, then later in the week EWR - LAX. I’m on a 757-200 going there, and 737-800 coming back, right now I am in 2A going there and 3A going back. The cabin is pretty much wide open, I would really like a good view of New York City if possible, is A or F better for that? I don’t fly much, maybe you can help me with this,


Because airplanes generally land and takeoff into the wind, the weather ultimately dictates which side of the plane is best. Because the airport is southwest of Manhattan, and considering the direction of the runways, the best situation for landing is to have winds from the south and have an “A” seat. The best situation for takeoff is to have an “F” seat with winds from the north.

Call the ATIS number (1-973-824-4417) before your flight and listen for …approach runway x in use. If x = 22, then you’ll want the A seat for landing. If x = 4, then you’ll want the F seat for landing (but you probably won’t see much). For takeoff, If x = 22, then you’ll want the A seat. If x = 4, then you’ll want the F seat.

The winds can change during the flight, so if you call ATIS before your LAX-EWR flight, and they say “runway 22 in use”, it could change to runway 4 sometime during your flight - so it really is a bit of a crap-shoot trying to guess which side of the plane is best.

Personally, I’d reserve the A seat for landing and the F seat for takeoff and hope for favorable winds for now, then call ATIS ahead of the flight and see if I could switch seat assignments at the last minute if necessary and possible.

Hope this helps…


If you are landing on 4 or taking off on 22, you aren’t going to see Manhattan at all, no matter where you sit.

If you take off on 4 and sit on the right, you may get a quick peek before you bank to the left, but nothing much.

If you are landing on 22, you will get a great view of all of Manhattan, along with a near overhead view of Giants Stadium and the Meadowlands if you sit on the left side.

Active runways at EWR can change at any given time, though.


Anyone prefer A to F, or F to A besides maybe the view?


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