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Searching of one aircraft activities. How to get?

Searching of one aircraft activities. How to get?

I have a problem with the service.

I have got an aircraft number VQ-BAS / Airbus A319-112 – this is an aircraft of my client.

Opportunities of this service can show only details of single flying (the departure and arrival).

But i want to know all activities only of the aircraft VQ-BAS / Airbus A319-112.

Is it possible to get this information from this API?

Something like this flightradar24.com/reg/vq-bas

Could you help me to solve it? I will be very appreciate.

Thank you!

Have you tried using FlightInfoEx yet? It can return multiple flights operated the specified ident or registration.

Could you tell me what is that?

I’m not a programmer, so it’s hard for to find necessary information.

Thank you a lot!

Documentation and samples for FlightXML are available at flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/

However, if you are not a programmer then you will not be able to use the FlightXML API.