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Searching for my dad's Culver V

Hello. I’m on a quest to find my dad’s 1946 Culver V. N44656. He sold it in 1968, and then the plane passed hands again in 1971, which has lead me to a dead-end. I’d like to find it and possibly purchase it. You can contact me at sapiano2002@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Only references I could find were from when it was registered in 1971



The registration was cancelled in 2015 (probably because there was no action to renew). So it’s hard to say how long before 2015 it may have changed hands again. Did you try getting a hold of the person in the registration (or a relative)?

Good luck

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Thank you, mtindor. I guess my only hope of finding my dad’s Culver V, will be through people having actually seen it. N44656. Thanks for the info!

I’ll try to remember to ask my neighbor about this. He’s collected four or five Culver projects now, and seems to be pretty well hooked into the community. For all I know it might be sitting in his hangar…

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pclifton: Wow. Thank you so much for your response. Keeping my fingers crossed that your friend has, or may know the whereabouts of that Culver…N44656.