Search Results URL?

Don’t know if this is quite pertainent here since it applies to the discussion forums, but what the heck…

There are times where I do a search on the forums and come up with matches and I’d like to post the “summary” page (the page that shows the number of matches immediately after searching)

Is there a way to extract the URL for the matches and let the person posting the question look at all matches rather then me post individual thread URLS?

The resulting URL currently doesn’t include the keywords I use, but only contains … de=results which is the search input screen.

A suggested output URL might looke like … de=results=Cessna+performance+yada+yada+yahdice

By clicking on the above, would lead the person to what results I came up with in my search ((above URL is bogus!)) and allow them to select what pertainent threads they may want to read.


I don’t know of any way to do that with the built-in phpBB search engine.

Using Google with in the query is another option that would allow query specific URLs.

:smiley: :smiley: It works, but not nearly as nice as the results display here in a much more user friendly format. Oh well, one can only ask. :smiley: :smiley:

It needs to be done under “advanced search” for it to work in Google and of course need to put in the in the domain line (at least that was how it worked for me) to streamline the search results from 1220 to about 26.

Within the phpBB search, I had 10 matches. I was using radar and environment in my searches.

Merry Christmas to you Mark and the entire FA staff. I sure appreciate y’all and look forward to newer features yet to come!